Becoming a Member

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Member Benefits

32° Freemasonry makes a real difference in a man’s life, and that of his family.

When a Mason joins the Scottish Rite he experiences:

  • More Fellowship and Friendships
  • Continuous Masonic Learning
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Enhanced Community Respect and Trust
  • A Worldwide Family of Men & Women
  • A Fraternity Dedicated to Assisting Others
  • Your membership is never taken for granted.
  • You will be proud to become a 32° Mason!

Value of Membership

  • The real value of membership is measured by the way we live our lives everyday exemplifying the attributes of a 32° Mason!
  • You will make a real difference in the lives of Americans, young and old.
  • The doors of your Valley, and every Valley around the world, are always open to you and your family.
  • Through your membership, you become part of the Scottish Rite heritage.

Qualifications for Members

A Master Mason in good standing who possesses high moral and ethical standards, respected character, and personal honor.

Scottish Rite Priorities


The Conferring of Degrees upon new candidates that teach fundamental moral lessons.


Regular Spring and Fall Convocations for new members, active Scottish Rite “Clubs” in numerous Central Indiana Counties, Leadership Development opportunities, and active support of Symbolic Lodges and Masonic Youth Groups (DeMolay, Jobs, and Rainbow).


Dramatic plays and musical entertainment, holiday dinners and dances, Halloween and Christmas parties for children and young adults, and father/son, father/daughter, and mother/daughter banquets.


The Indianapolis Scottish Rite Valley sponsors a “32° Learning Center for Children” diagnosed with dyslexia. In addition, 32° Masons serve on countless volunteer organizations, hold public and elected offices, assist in central Indiana charities, and host numerous civic activities at our cathedral.


The Valley sponsors the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Foundation which distributes generous annual grants to Masonic and community organizations, scholarships to young adults, and medical research grants.