West Parking Lot

All parkers, both daily, and monthly, and visitors, will need to push the silver mushroom button to raise the entry gate before entering.

When exiting, Monthly parkers </strong) will simply swipe their key card to exit the lot at the small kiosk. At the taller kiosk, Daily parkers must either enter a correct numerical code on the keypad before the gate will rise and allow them to exit.

If you are a member or guest visiting the Cathedral for lunch or a scheduled event, ask the security guard at the West Entry for the exit code, and you can exit the lot without charge.

If entering the lot before 6:00 PM, daily parkers should park only in the red-lined spaces (which are at the north end of the lot).  If entering after 6:00 PM, you may park anywhere in the lot.

If you have a problem exiting, there is a button on the kiosk to call our on-duty maintenance department.  You may use this button if you are accidentally “locked-in” after hours without the code, or if the code provided does not work, or if for some other reason the gate does not rise as expected.  Please note that only Valley members and guests will be provided with a code.