Cathedral Library

A 2,400 volume reading and research library, featuring the best and most authentic Masonic material available, now awaits your reading pleasure. Grouped in ten classifications, these books may be easily located by reference to a standard catalog-index file. All of the finest writers in Masonry are represented here. Speakers looking for Masonic information, data, and anecdotes will find a wide range of specific and general material ready for their use. We also have many volumes of interesting presentations in the related areas of biography, history, and religion; and in the Reference Works Section. You may consult and compare the comments of many reliable writers, including Coil, Mackey, Gould, Jones, Haywood, and others of similar caliber.

A member can call the office (317) 262-3100 and a staff member will be happy to assist you in selecting reference material for Lodge talks, for a special reading or study course in Masonry, or for developing a research project in the Masonic field.