Indianapolis Valley Committees


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ASSISTANT MASTERS OF CEREMONIES Ill. Gregory L. Kitzmiller, 33°, Chairman
BANQUET COMMITTEE Ill. Dennis L. Shinault, 33° Chairman
BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE Ill. Paul C. St. Pierre, 33°, Chairman
FAMILY LIFE COMMITTEE Michael E. Dempsey, 32°, Chairman
GOOD CHEER COMMITTEE Tracy L. Hutton, 32°, MSA, Chairman
MEMBERSHIP COMMUNICATIONS Ill. Jerry B. Collins, 33°, Chairman
MUSIC COMMITTEE Ill. Jeffrey S. Warbinton, 33°, Chairman
HISTORY COMMITTEE Ill. Fred T. Kortepeter, 33°, Chairman
OFFICER SCREENING COMMITTEE Ill. Jerald L. Miller, 33°, Chairman
SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Ill. Jeffrey K. Saunders, 33°, Chairman
THEATER OPERATIONS Steven B. Taylor, 32°, Dramatic Director
MAKE-UP COMMITTEE G. Christian Pedersen, 32°, MSA, Co-Chairman
Gregory L. Chambers, 32°, Co-Chairman
WARDROBE COMMITTEE Ill. Andrew R. Jackson, 33°, MSA, Co-Chairman
Carson C. Smith, 32°, MSA, Co-Chairman
TILERS COMMITTEE Bradley C. Wooten, 32°, MSA, Tiler, Chairman
TOUR COMMITTEE Henry R. “Hank” Schull, 32°, Chairman