Murder Mystery Dinner CANCELLED

UPDATE, September 28, 2018:  The Murder Mystery Dinner has been cancelled.

Murder at the Pocono Royale Casino! This Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre spoofs the movie “Casablanca” and the American Dream of winning the jackpot. The comedy-murder mystery dinner theater takes place at takes place at Rick’s club, the first legal gambling casino in the Poconos. Rick dreams of striking it rich – then two crafty Native Americans try to claim the land and his gold-digging ex-wife Lola shows up. Throw in a two-faced lawyer, an Australian Croc Chaser with bad luck, and two little old ladies on a gambling mission, and “making a killing” takes on a whole new meaning.

Tickets are $50 per person
(This is a pre-ticketed event, no tickets will be available at the door.)

For tickets, please call (317) 262-3104