58th Annual Grand Lodge Founders’ Day Celebration, Sat., Jan. 11, 2020

The Indianapolis Valley is proud to host the M.W. Grand Master of Masons in Indiana, Kenneth Roy, Jr., his Grand Officers, and the Grand Lodge of Indiana, F&AM, for the annual Grand Lodge Founders’ Day Celebration on Saturday, January 11, 2020.

Founders’ Day is a celebration of Freemasonry and is an instructional, educational and fellowship meeting.

The conference will begin at 9AM EST in the Theatre, with a brief introduction of the Grand Lodge Officers and Past Grand Masters.

Join your fellow Indiana Freemasons for a special opening ceremony and very informative breakout sessions!

A luncheon will be served and does require a ticket — all reservations should be made through your local Lodge Secretary.

(Please note that the Scottish Rite Cathedral is the event venue only.  The Valley office cannot accept luncheon reservations, and cannot field information requests regarding Founders’ Day. Please contact your Lodge Secretary or the Grand Lodge for more information.)